IV Skills Update for RNs & LVNs

For the State Certified LVN or RN who wants to refresh or renew their mechanical skilld in establishing an IV.

Course Topics:

  • IV Devices, Tubing and Adaptors
  • "Care and Feeding", maintaining a patient's IV site
  • Blood withdrawal techniques, straight needle and butterfly
  • Simulated and/or 3 live Venipunctures and blood withdrawals

1/2 Day Certification Course
3 CE Credits Issued to LVNs & RNs

Individual Rate: $85.00 ea

Currently Being Offered
January Febuary March April May June
Sun. 1/19
9am - 12pm
Sun. 2/9
9am - 12pm
Sun. 3/1
9am - 12pm
  Sun. 5/3
9am - 12pm